Our methodology


Sort:  First we pull everything out of its home and see what we have.

Purge:  Then we can assess what we don't want, use, or need anymore. 

Assign a home:  Now we can decide where it makes sense for the remaining items to live.  

Containerize:  This will help create a home for everything and keep things tidy and orderly.

Evaluate:  Nothing is ever set in stone. Live with the changes for a week or two and see what's working and what's not.  


frequently asked questions

Where do we start?

 If we are talking about an entire house that needs overhauling, the best place to start is the deepest darkest storage room in the house.  The storage room needs to be in receive mode for the things that are cluttering your prime real estate upstairs.  Some clients, however, would rather tackle a more visible area in their primary living quarters.  It’s important to start where YOU are going to feel the most relief! We will put a game plan together on our initial consult based on your priorities. 

I'm afraid you will judge me. Will you?

 Heck no! This is our passion, not just what we do for a living. We’ve seen it all and we’ve fixed a lot of it. Nothing excites us more than to walk into utter chaos, because at the end of the day we know you will feel so amazing and that’s what it’s all about!  

Do I need to go buy anything to get started?

 If you are like most clients, you’ve tried to get organized before seeking help. You probably have bins, file folders, baskets and organizers coming out your ears. Our goal is to save money where we can and focus more on living with less. We do, however, highly recommend that you have a memorabilia box for each member of the family. Inevitably, we will find things all over the house that you’d like to save but doesn’t need to be on display.  

Do I need to prepare anything for our initial visit?

 Nope! Not a thing. We like to see it at its worst! With that being said, if we were to be working on the kitchen, for example, it is helpful to have all the dishes clean so we know what we’re working with. Similarly, the laundry washed if we are working on a bedroom closet. 

I'm afraid you are going to make me get rid of things that are important. Will you?

 No worries! You will be so amazed at the number of things you ARE willing to let go of that the things that are important to you will have plenty of room to stay. We may push and prod a little but that’s our job. See the Clutter Elimination Questions for more clarity. Ultimately, ALL decisions are yours and we completely respect that!  

Where does all my unwanted stuff go?

 To “Stuff Heaven”! Just kidding…We are very into recycling at Squared Away. Most everything you let go of would be of interest, of value or a necessity for someone else. We work with a couple organizations that need clothing, furniture and household items and will deliver it for you. Beyond that, we will decide together the destination for your stuff.  

It's not my fault the house isn't organized, it's my family! How do I change them?

 Good question…that’s a whole separate issue! The good news is that usually families recognize the progress being made and have a naturally positive response. Once we purge the excess and create a home for everything, people are held more accountable. Many times it helps to label everything to make it clear for everyone in the house. We suggest a family meeting at the beginning to turn over a new leaf and we can even help with that! 

Do I have to tell my spouse I'm hiring help?

 Hmmmm….your secret is safe with us!  

Will you give me homework assignments?

 Life is busy and we understand that. We are happy to give you small challenges in between visits if that will motivate you. Most of our clients end up not accomplishing homework because, guess what…life happens! Plus, it’s way more fun to work together!