From Clutter to Clarity with home organizer services

Our goal is to find a home for every item and implement systems to make daily living easier and more efficient. 

How do our homes become cluttered?

There are hundreds of things in your home and life that you do not use, need, or particularly want. They just came into your life on impulse and never found an exit. We recognize it is hard to separate from any item, whether sentimental or a gift, used or unused, valuable or not.

Other contributors to our clutter can be our kids, hobbies, a hectic lifestyle or the absence of the skill set necessary to reduce the clutter.

Clutter creates indecision and distractions, consuming attention without you even knowing it. It is impossible to realize how distracting it is, until the clutter is cleared. We are there to create physical space, but more importantly, extra mental space.

Squared Away Home organizing can help!


We use the following acronym to tackle a project: SPACE


We work with you by...

  • Assessing the situation
  • Eliminating the items that you don't use, need or love
  • Assisting you with the tough decisions
  • Removing items to be donated
  • Setting up a garage sale, if needed
  • Teaching you to live with less
  • Organizing your cherished items
  • Creating systems to maintain your space


Our Goal

 Our goal is to find a home for every item and implement systems to make daily living easier and more efficient. We educate our clients as we work and the organizing skills they learn are theirs to keep forever! 


My husband is always glad when I hire Karla for a day!

 Karla helped us both (my husband and I) get past the emotions that would have slowed us down in completing this daunting task. My husband was grateful, too! He is always glad when I tell him I am hiring Karla for a day, as he knows he will see a big improvement when he arrives back home from work, AND that I will be in a good mood with so much "lifted" 

from my shoulders. 

My favorite story about Karla was from our first appointment when at the end of our time working together, she hauled all of my cleaned out items out to her van and took them to donation centers for me. I was so pleased that our work did not result in piles of stuff for me to then have to go through and take to Goodwill or church myself.  

It was GONE! 

- Zoe Ann

Karla is amazing!

She has single handedly transformed our home from a crazy mess into a well oiled machine where everything has a place.

In addition to being a wonderful organizer, she is a jack of all trades. She can sell unwanted furniture, decorate, party plan etc... You name it she can do it, and all with a smile on her face. She is an extremely hard worker, very fair in her costs, trustworthy, always professional and a pleasure to work with. Everyone needs someone like Karla 

in their home!


We'll never move again without Karla!

We hired Karla to help us move into a new house. It was so hard for us to even get started and she came in and got us on track. She first helped us decide what we would keep to move and what we needed to get rid of. She helped us pack and made sure everything was organized and labeled. She really took so much stress off of us. Then, Karla helped us move into our new home. She set up our kitchen and a couple of other rooms in our house. Our kitchen is so organized, I received so many compliments as friends came over. Moving is so incredibly stressful, we could not have done it without Karla. She is so good at what she does.


Karla knows best!

 My husband, Dave, doesn't care what I do--he says to do whatever Karla says to do.

- Suzanne