Organizing your home or office can take considerable time and money. Every job and every client is unique which can present many variables. To make it simple and easy to budget for, Squared Away charges a flat hourly rate of $50. There is a three hour minimum on work sessions to allow adequate time to tackle the project at hand. Typical sessions are 4-5 hours and make great progress.

The bonus we offer is that when the session ends, your donations are hauled away at no extra charge.  Together we will decide who could benefit from your unwanted items and we deliver them for you!  Tax receipts will be provided for your charitable contributions.

On many occasions, clients part with things of value. We can assist you in selling these items which will allow you to recoup some of the funds spent on organizing. We can help you decide between having a garage sale or selling through online sites, consignment shops, book dealers, used sports stores etc.
Gift certificates are also a great option! Ask your loved ones to support you in this process by considering the gift of help!