There are hundreds of things in your home and life that you do not use, need, or particularly want. They just came into your life on impulse and never found an exit. We recognize it is hard to separate from any item, whether sentimental or a gift, used or unused, valuable or not.


Other contributors to our clutter can be our kids, hobbies, a hectic lifestyle or the absence of the skill set necessary to reduce the clutter.


Clutter creates indecision and distractions, consuming attention without you even knowing it. It is impossible to realize how distracting it is, until the clutter is cleared. We are there to create physical space, but more importantly, extra mental space.

We work with you by...


  • Assessing the situation


  • Eliminating the items that you don't use, need or love


  • Assisting you with the tough decisions


  • Removing items to be donated


  • Setting up a garage sale, if needed


  • Teaching you to live with less


  • Organizing your cherished items


  • Creating systems to maintain your space